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Marina Dalmacija in Sukosan near Zadar Beach in Marina Dalmacija Aerial view of marina Dalmacija Marina in Sukosan Sailing yacht at marina entrance Motor boat at marina entrance Lavander Restaurant Laguna Travel lift Charter yacht in marina Dalmacija
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Marina Dalmacija > Facilities and Services
Petrol station, marina Dalmacija At the Marina Dalmacija sea entrance there is the biggest petrol station at the Dalmatian coast and islands. The operating area can accomodate vessels up to 55 meters. The soundings at piers are from 4,5 meters and above. 

There are 6 petrol pumps for diesel, eurodiesel and eurosuper distribution, with a flux from 60 up to 80 litres in the minute. Inside the petrol station there is a shop where you can buy lubricants, oils, detergents, etc. , alcholic and soft drinks, yachtsmen outfit and rent service for bikes and scooters.  The payment may be effected in cash, by credit cards American Express, Visa, Diners, Mastercard/Eurocard. The petrol station working hour is from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. o'clock, without breaks. 
Restaurant in Marina Dalmacija Sukosan The traditional Mediterranean cuisine, accompanied by olive-oil and delicious wine, are offered in the restaurants inside Marina Dalmacija. Also, the area around marina has a wonderful choice of restaurants, each offering a high class dining experience.   Laguna Restaurant (on the picture left) in unique setting, just near the marina beach, offers a delicious fish food, high quality wines and a wide assortment of drinks. A perfect view gives this place a special charm.
Beach in Marina Dalmacija Marina Dalmacija has its own beach. It is situated on the peninsula, protected from the vessels transiting in area of the Marina. 
Yachts at marina pier The piers in the Marina Dalmacija are equipped with high quality bollards according to European standards. On each service bollards there are 4-6 electrical sockets, a light fixture and two water taps.  The service bollards and units offer mono phase and three phase supplies - from simple 220V/16 amp sockets to three phase 380V supply sockets of 16 amp and 32 amp.
Sanitary facilities Just a short distance from the piers the sanitary facilities are located. They are equipped with the most sophisticated equipment, with solar cells installed, water filtering and water scale treatment system. 
Shop in marina Dalamcija Inside Marina Dalmacija there is a line of shops:  supermarket close by the Reception Office, nautic shop with a wide range of nautic outfit and clothes, souvenir/gift shop offering original Croatian souvenirs, etc…
Garage in marina Sukosan Zadar New car parking creates space for about 1.200 cars. There are also 335 garages. The central parking place is two-storey facility, situated in five groups. The first floor of roofed parking place can accomodate a number of 335 cars and the second unroofed 500 cars. Marina has got 24-hour video surveillance. In the Marina Dalmacija is in function an automatic system of parking places control and payment.
Marina Dalmacija travel lift In the Marina there are 5 travel lifts: two of 30 tons, one of 35, 65 and 80 tons. These travel lifts provide a fast and efficient operation and meet the needs of service and repair center.
Yacht, maintenance The list of services and vessel maintenance in the Marina Dalmacija : maintenance and repair of vessels, hull painting, zinc replacement, polishing, motors repairing, service of boat electronics and electrics and air conditioning units. There is also a sail maker and boat care service. On request it is possible to organize any maintenance or repair work.
Diving center In the Marina Dalmacija there is a diving centre Zlatna Luka which organizes a professional training according to special norms NAUI, CMAS and BSAC. 
Laundry in marina Dalmacija Bibinje sukosan Inside Marina Dalmacija there is also laundry provided with slot washing-machines. A loundry time, including washing, drying and ironing is from 2 to 4 hours.  
Reception office marina Dalmacija The Marina Dalmacija Reception is at your service all year round. At Marina Reception besides services of booking berths, check in of persons and payment, an extensive range of other services is available. Services such as sending a fax, photocopying, getting daily weather forecast or money exchange are offered to all marina customers.
Wireless Internet access Marina Dalmacija makes possible a free wireless internet access to all its clients by using HotSpot zone. The service is possible within the whole area of Marina Dalmacija. To establish the airlink connection it is necesessary to have a portable computer ( laptop or PDA) that has WLAN support and a standard internet browser .
Marina Dalmacija > Facilities and Services
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