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ACI Marina Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful Croatian marinas, is situated in Komolac, close to the mouth of river Ombla, the shortest river in the world. After some 20 km of underground flow, this river comes straight out of the stone cliffs as the powerful spring. Only 30 meters from the Ombla source there is a small waterfall, 70cm high, after which river Ombla empties into the Adriatic Sea, in the 5 km long fjord called Rijeka Dubrovačka. Several suburbs of Dubrovnik (Mokošica, Komolac, Rožat, Prijevor, Lozica) are located alongside the fjord. Although only 30 m long, Ombla is very wide and powerful. Water from the river has been used by the Dubrovnik waterworks since 1437.
Satelite view of Rijeka Dubrovačka Bay - River Ombla, 30 m long, is located at the boottom of the bay
River Ombla map
In the lower part of the bay, from the bay entrance to the ACI marina Dubrovnik, sea depth is about 30 m and inlet is navigable for 3.7 km. The course through the riverbed, flooded by the sea, leads to the Mokošica lighthouse and further to the ACI marina Dubrovnik. From Rožat the inlet becomes narrower and shallower. Sea-depth is 3-5 m. The marina is flood-lit at night. A long breakwater protects the marina from the river Ombla currents.
Rijeka Dubrovačka Bay - map
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